Welcome to 2014 Gardening Blog

May 6,2014
Last year my father helped me make 2 raised beds.  I put them in the upper middle of the old garden.

Here’s a excerpt from last yrs. Blog I gave up on:
JUNE 2013: It seems that all the bags of Miracle Grow Garden Soil and up-teen bags of top soil, I filled the beds with, don’t have enough nutrients  to make my garden grow like it should.  After a month of watching the corn and tomatoes not get any taller than about 6”  I added some 10-20-10 fertilizer.  Heavy good rains came after that and melted the fertilizer into the soil.  The corn, green beans, and tomatoes found new life for about 2 weeks and then froze in place.  The rains stopped and I am watering every other day or so.  I added Miracle Grow to the garden about 2 wks. ago and the tomatoes perked up, but the corn and green beans have continued their downward spiral.  I’ve 3 stalks of corn and 4 green bean plants.
On a good note the cucumbers and sweet banana peppers are putting off.  The only squash plant left out of 3 has squash on it, but they are not getting any longer than 4” and they’ve been that way for a week.  Something is, now was, eating the leaves off 2 of my tomato plants.  Sevin dust applied and hoping this will stop that.
OCT 2013:  I had almost given up on the 5 AR Traveler tomato plants  till the first of Sept. when they started producing like crazy.  I picked approx. 170 ripe tomatoes in a month and a half.  Thurs. night (Oct. 24) a frost warning was on for Friday morning so I picked 3/4 of a pickle bucket of the tomatoes; green and partially ripe.
66 tomatoes picked, one day.

This year I have higher hopes for my raised beds.  To hopefully help the soil I added 3 bags of mixed Hummus and Manure to each bed.

May 6… Planted 6 AR Traveler and 1 yellow tomato plants, 1 red bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 4 pickling cucumbers, and 3 yellow long neck squash.