Honey-Sweetened Peach Vanilla Jam = a site to see

Love, love, love canning things.  Found this recently and can’t wait to make it once the peaches are ripe on the trees; in an orchard near me.

foodinjars-og-100 Honey-Sweetened Peach Vanilla Jam

This one sounded good also…
Honey Lemon Apple Jam

May your garden ever grow bountiful.



Welcome to 2014 Gardening Blog

May 6,2014
Last year my father helped me make 2 raised beds.  I put them in the upper middle of the old garden.

Here’s a excerpt from last yrs. Blog I gave up on:
JUNE 2013: It seems that all the bags of Miracle Grow Garden Soil and up-teen bags of top soil, I filled the beds with, don’t have enough nutrients  to make my garden grow like it should.  After a month of watching the corn and tomatoes not get any taller than about 6”  I added some 10-20-10 fertilizer.  Heavy good rains came after that and melted the fertilizer into the soil.  The corn, green beans, and tomatoes found new life for about 2 weeks and then froze in place.  The rains stopped and I am watering every other day or so.  I added Miracle Grow to the garden about 2 wks. ago and the tomatoes perked up, but the corn and green beans have continued their downward spiral.  I’ve 3 stalks of corn and 4 green bean plants.
On a good note the cucumbers and sweet banana peppers are putting off.  The only squash plant left out of 3 has squash on it, but they are not getting any longer than 4” and they’ve been that way for a week.  Something is, now was, eating the leaves off 2 of my tomato plants.  Sevin dust applied and hoping this will stop that.
OCT 2013:  I had almost given up on the 5 AR Traveler tomato plants  till the first of Sept. when they started producing like crazy.  I picked approx. 170 ripe tomatoes in a month and a half.  Thurs. night (Oct. 24) a frost warning was on for Friday morning so I picked 3/4 of a pickle bucket of the tomatoes; green and partially ripe.
66 tomatoes picked, one day.

This year I have higher hopes for my raised beds.  To hopefully help the soil I added 3 bags of mixed Hummus and Manure to each bed.

May 6… Planted 6 AR Traveler and 1 yellow tomato plants, 1 red bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 4 pickling cucumbers, and 3 yellow long neck squash.